ACT - Artery Cleaning Technology


  • ACT - Thrombus removal
  • ACT - Recovery
  • ACT - Preventive Care


ACT - Thrombus removal

When a blood clot arises in the artery, the blood flow can be significantly reduced or cut off completely. To save the blood flow doctors have to restore it as soon as possible.To this aim special shaped wire (ultrasound waveguide) is used, which is introduced into the artery after local anesthesia. When the ultrasound waveguide reaches the place where the thrombus is located, an ultrasound is put on the blood clot and the artery walls. Under ultrasound influence the artery is widened, the blood clot breaks down and the blood flow is restored. Small fractions of the thrombus are sucked out of the body with a special pump.


ACT - PAD Recovery 

In case of complete occlusion through atherosclerotic plaques (PAD) ACT at first recreates the blood channel. The plaques are not only being destroyed but also removed by suction at the same time. This new persistant channel means the „recovery“ of the artery of 80-90%. The recovered artery enables to easily set a self-expanding nitinol stent without any resistance and  with only low pressure on the artery. ACT achieves long-term effects by preventing the artery from narrow segments and new occlusion.


ACT - Preventive Care

ACT - Preventive Care fights PAD and thrombosys in an early stage and can avoid years of drug treatment.




  • Only local anesthesia
  • No drugs!
  • The perforation of blood vessels and their injury is avoided due to the layerwise destruction of the blood clot
  • Short hospitalization
  • Years after the surgery the vessels are still clean
  • The permeability of the arteries increases to 90 % (ACT-Recovery)
  • Direct success
  • Low risk of complication
  • Increase of vessel elasticity
  • Increase of vessel permeability