ACT time frame 

Conducted tests:

  • 1996: In vitro tests of ultrasound destruction of biological tissues using ultrasound dispergator UZDN-1. Optimal amplitudes and frequencies were determined.
  • 1997: Flexible wave guide system was developed. Thrombus destruction on simulated arterial blood vessels were investigated.
  • 1998: Destruction of fibrin clots in vitro was investigated. Efficiency of combined ultrasound and thrombolytic drugs usage was investigated.
  • 1999: In Vitro animal tests of flexible wave guide systems. In Vivo thrombus destruction with a waveguide of 840mm length was achieved.
  • 2000-2001: In Vitro experiments on calcinated occlusion destruction. Impact on flexible wave guide ending shapes at different acoustical energy on blood components was investigated.
  • 2002: In Vitro tests of arterial recanalization by ultrasound thrombolysis with flexible waveguide with consequent stenting. Angiographic and morphological investigations of ultra-sound influence on arterial walls were carried out.
  • 2003-2004: Development of a flexible waveguide with 850mm of length and distal part diameter of 0,5mm for coronary arterial recanalization was made. Start of clinical trials on arterial recanalization method.
  • 2006-2007: Clinical trials were completed. ACT method received approval in Belarus.
  • 2008: Evaluation of erythrocytes micro-modifications under the ultra-sound generated by various types of flexible waveguides.
  • 2009: Analysis of short term effects on patients after treatment by ACT was carried out.
  • 2010 - 2011: Comparative study of ACT and classic surgical recanalization results. Refinements on ACT methodic were made.
  • 2012: In Vivo experiments on ACT technology for venous occlusion treatment.
  • From the moment of the ACT approval in Belarus up to now over 50 patients have been treated successfully.
  • First ACT surgery was made in the clinics of the President of Belarus. Other surgeries where carried out in Republican scientific-practical “Cardiology” center and in Minsk's regional hospita