ACT - System

Equipment for the procedure


It consists of 4 components:  




ACT - Generator produces electric high-frequency current and has 5 modes of operation.



ACT - Transducer

converts electric current into mechanical vibration. It is connected direct to the ultrasound waveguide. Ultrasound transducer can be used with different tools for endovascular surgery:guiding catheters, introducers,Y-connectors etc.



ACT - Waveguide is used for the breakdown of blood clots and atherosclerotic plaques. It has the length of 25-60 cm. The ending of the ultrasound waveguide is coupled to a pivoting head which contains of elastic streak-shape elements. These elements are connected to the spherical component and destroy the thrombus by oscillation.




1. Spherical ending

2. Spherical ending with hole

3. Flat ending

4. Flat ending with hole


 ACT - Suction Pump with controllable pressure drop. 
















Technical Information:

  • Output power: 80 W;

  • Frequency: 24- 28 kHz;

  • Intensity: 1,4–53,2 W/sm2;

  • Waveguide length: from 250 up to 850 mm;

  • Waveguide head diameter: 1,2 – 2mm.